Would highly recommend this experience! Amarita has great personal insight and love for the Jerez culture. This is not a rehearsed tour. It is personal and you can feel her passion for the area.


Lisa - Nazareth PA, USA

If you want to sample the true life blood of this beautiful city, take this tour. Not just local knowledge but an insight to the Flamenco passion and culture delivered by a guide who will leave you in no doubt that Jerez is the nucleus of Flamenco! Highly recommend Amarita's tour 5*.

Gareth - Dublin


Wonderful experience! She knew the local scene and took us off the tourist path to a really cool place with in your face flamenco! We even had time on our walk to see the end of a gypsy wedding, not on the schedule but great experience. She knew one of the flamingo singers in the group. This was not a regular tour. Would recommend her to anyone who wants the real deal. The Sherry and tapas were the icing on the cake.


Greg - Coronado, CA

Enhanced our understanding, experience, and enjoyment of Jerez. Great tour with a lovely host.

Blake - London UK

If you are lucky enough to be in Jerez during May when the Feria is happening an afternoon with Amarita is a must do. Everything about the experience was magical. Amarita is a warm and interesting person who we immediately connected with. We were quite late and she was relaxed and easygoing. I highly recommend.

Margaret - New York


This was the perfect way to spend our first night in Jerez. Amarita gave us a complete overview of Jerez (it’s fascinating history and how it is today), a flamenco lesson that was a lot of fun and made us appreciate the art form even more, took us to an authentic, mesmerizing flamenco show while sipping the local sherry, AND a special experience of buying cookies made by cloistered nuns. We never saw them. You spoke through a wooden wall, put your money in something that spun around, they took the money and your cookies appeared with the next spin. Delicious, too. A warm, insightful, unique evening.

Jo - Chapel Hill NC